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CALL: 765-564-9045 FOR QUESTIONS.
This is a home-based business and my personal phone as well.
I hope you will respect that.

T's Flowers & Things sells a large variety of perennial and annual seeds, including daylily seeds.   Also offered is a large selection of perennial plants, often grown, dug and divided from my own garden. Also find a nice selection of Iris plants/rhizomes, and Daylily plants.

Days and Hours: SUNDAY through FRIDAY: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm E.S.T.
Please: NO SATURDAY calls ... this is the Sabbath.

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The Garden Web

A great place to meet gardening friends, and gain a whole lot of information
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All Things Plants, k/k/a National Garden Assoc.
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The Garden Watchdog

Check out ratings on sites like mine, and please add one too.
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If for any reason you would happen to want to send me money as gift or donation (or wahtever), and that NOT being for goods contained on my website, you may freely do so via PayPal me if you have a PayPal account. My PayPal me account is paypalme/TeresaWaters .
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Debra Turner
The lady who created my logo banner did a great job, and is highly recommended.
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Danial R. Hoyer
The guy who helped get my shopping cart set up. This is a nice little shopping cart for the price and fairly easy to set up and use. But if you need help, this guy answers emails promptly and does a great job.
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