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Please be advised that this is an individually owned and operated small business. The phone number listed here and on the print out order form is my personal phone number. I would really appreciate it if you would call only Monday through Friday, and not on the weekend. I really prefer communication by email, but if there is something that would be much easier by phone, please don't hesitate to call.


My name is Teresa. The purpose of my website is to offer the best quality seed and healthy plants at a very affordable price.

I started enjoying flowers when I lived at a past location where there were several perennials already in place such as peonies, iris, old fashioned bleeding heart, old fashioned lilac and several varieties of tulips, crocus, daffodils and a couple very very fragrant old fashioned roses that only bloom for 3 to 4 weeks in the spring. As a child, my parents (and their parents before them) always gardened. So every year we had fresh vegetables and I learned by watching (and having to help - which at that time I really didn't like!). But we never really had many flowers. -- Though I remember my mom growing petunias in a front flower bed where the hummingbirds visited. -- That was way cool when we caught a hummingbird in a plastic pitcher; but of course it escaped -- yes I know ... that was mean to that poor little hummingbird as I'm sure it was terrified.

When I moved to the past location, I began a vegetable garden. I found a store that carried flower seed (and vegetables) at 10 packets for $1.00. I began direct sowing seeds into my vegetable garden and around the house. I received National Gardening Magazine from my ex mother-in-law, though she wouldn't have it sent to me directly. I really enjoyed the magazine and got interested more and more in perennial flowers (and other flowers and bulbs). I enjoyed the 'Seed Swap' column and began doing a little swapping, plus ordered several mail order catalogs such as Burpee, Thompson & Morgan and Park Seed from ads in the magazine. I was also given (and bought) several flower books. I began reading and reading all I could find about plants, their names, their form with height, color spread, and especially "how to" propogate them. I began testing as much seed as possible and making germination notes. I also practiced propogation by cuttings, layering, etc.

From the flowers I began growing, I made arrangements as gifts and to just give to people. I also enjoyed crafting. I began drying flowers and making craft projects. Someone said, "hey, why don't you sell your cut flowers at the 'farmers market'". So I gave it a try. I really enjoyed it (though formerly a legal secretary in the collection division), and the people really liked my cut flower arrangements and my craft items (or so they said, ~smile~). Then as I began starting more plants from seed, I had too many plants. I began potting them in styrefoam cups, punching holes in the bottom of the cups for drainage. People were buying my plants, and I was excited about that. I tried to start as many 'unusual' plants as possible.

I joined a local garden club. The garden club holds an annual 'garden fair' every year. I began selling my plants at the 'garden fair'. Then my business began to grow. I'm still enjoying it very much (though that's not always the truth), and it's still growing!

I grow, or test grow, most all the plants and seeds that I sell here on my (new) property. Therefore I am usually familiar with the plants and their flowering habits. I also usually abandon any of those that I really don't feel are up-to-stuff or worth keeping (though sometimes that's a when-I-can-find-time-to matter). However, some I just keep because they are requested, and like myself, some people just need to try them for themselves, and we all have different taste.

I have had to pay very high prices for some of the seeds and plants that I have purchased. Some of those expensive items I was very disappointed that I had paid such a high price. So I hope to offer to you seeds and plants at a very affordable price.

As to my personal life, the world may say that I don't always tell the truth the way *they* see it. I'm married to a wonderful and kind man. Though he denies his love or enjoyment for flowers and gardening ... he's not fooling me (a macho-man).

I have to give some credit to Pinetree Garden Seeds, as they were an inspiration to me, and I would recommend them as a seed source.

If you have any questions, or even any comments, please feel free to: