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My Friend Mary Jane

Diameter: 5.5"
Height: 22"
Foliage: Semi-Evergreen
Ploidy: Tet.
Buds: -- Branching: -
Bloom Season: EM
Hybridizer: T. Daly, 2012)

Color/Description: Bright pink to rose-pink with lighter pink sepals, yellow fringy edge on petals and the side-edges of the sepals, large yellow throat, deeper pink to red eye is sometimes visible.

Parents: Forestlake Ragamuffin x Spiny Sea Urchin
Other Info.: I registered this daylily much sooner than would most hybridizers, especially northern hybridizers. - The listed height as 22" with the AHS was only in it's second year, so may be still a bit immature and perhaps the blooms would be larger as well. - The daylily is named after and person I did my best to help and befriend.

My Friend Mary Jane
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