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Diameter: 6"
Height: 24"
Foliage: E
Ploidy: Tet
Buds: 18
Branching: 3
Hybridizer: T. Daly

Color/Description: Deep rose-lavender,lavender-gray eye, lighter cream midribs, fine purple and gold edge, yellow throat. - The description probably should be "lavender gray watermark".   I tried to get help as to whether it would be considered an "eye" or a "watermark", but none was forthcoming.   With the AHS description of a watermark is a "lighter" color than the base flower color.   I had a hard time identifying whether the color was lighter or darker.   I do think now the more I look at it that although it is gray shade, it is lighter

Parents: Darla Anita x Ledgewood's Pansy Eye

Other: Fertile both ways; Reblooms.

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