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In 2016 I had decided I wasn't going to prepare out all my cross pollination efforts in advance, and I really didn't even plan on doing any hand pollinating of the daylilies. - However, about two weeks into the season I kind of changed my mind. - I just began dabbing pollen from any daylily in bloom and I did not store any frozen pollen as I normally do. - With some cultivars I specifically only used one pollen donor, and if it wasn't available, then no pollen was dabbed. - Other cultivars I used two or three different pollen donors. - When I used two or three different ones, I will try to list those from my memory that I used. There are a few in the garden that produce seeds whether manual pollination is used or not, though most of those are diploid daylilies.

I used my own Precursor a lot and it was in bloom most of the time.

Unknown Pollen Parent
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