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** Daylily Seedling 2009-035 **
Seedling 2009-035

Diameter: 5"
Height: 24"
Foliage: ??
Ploidy: Tet
Buds: 18
Branching: 3
Hybridizer: T. Daly (not registered)

Color/Description: This seedling is growing pretty adjacent to the row where Bitten A'gin grows. On most days, the color and eye pattern were the same on this seedling as Bitten A'gin. I intended to take photos of the petals laying together, but didn't manage to get it done. So if Bitten A'gin is considered 'burgundy', then I would call the color of this seedling 'burgundy'. Based on difference in eye pattern colors, this seedling eye generally did not appear blue as sometimes Bitten A'gin would, but on this seedling I would call it lavender.

Parents: L. Silver Lining x Queen's Circle

Other: Plant very crowded - I think bud count would increase if moved.

Seedling #2009-035
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