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Seedling #2013-004

Diameter: appx. 5" - in 2015 it's second year.
Height: 30" - in 2015 it's second year.
Foliage: ??
Ploidy: Tet
Buds: --
Branching: --
Hybridizer: T. Daly (not registered)

Color/Description: Brickish-red with darker red eye and slight darker red edge.

Parents: Cobalt Dawn x Awesome Blossom.

Other: Pod fertile. - Planted in May, 2013; blooming first year 2014; Cobalt Dawn was one of my first favorite flowers and still is due to the look of its eye. It would never set seeds, so when it produced one pod, I decide to see how they would turn out instead of selling the seeds.

Notes to Myself: Moved the seedling fall, 2015 for less crowding.

Seedling #2013-004
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