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Seedling #2013-010

Diameter: appx. 6" - in 2015 it's second year
Height: 21" - in 2015 it's second year
Foliage: ??
Ploidy: Tet
Buds: 18
Branching: 3-way
Hybridizer: T. Daly (not registered)

Color/Description: Cream-Pink with purple eye and edge.

Parents: Destined to See x Linda Daniels

Other: Pod fertile. - Planted in May, 2013; blooming first year 2014; This is my favorite of the cross although it looks pretty much like Destined to See; the eye pattern is extended more on the petals.

Notes for Myself: Moved this one row north of Peggy Jeffcoat seedling row (need to number these rows). There are only 3 daylily seedlings in this row, and this one, 2010-010 is the last in the row or 3rd daylily from west.

Seedling #2013-010
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