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Seedling #2013-058

Diameter: appx. 5 to 5-1/2"
Height: --"
Foliage: ??
Ploidy: Tet
Buds: --
Branching: --
Hybridizer: T. Daly (not registered)

Color/Description: Violet with reddish-purple eye; yellow throat.

Parents: Precious Candy x Forestlake Ragamuffin

Other: Pod fertile. - Planted in May, 2013; blooming first year 2014 top photo; -- this is the first ever seedling I've had live through a winter that had Precious Candy in the cross, whether it be the pod or pollen parent (even of the same cross). So it is amazing to me that this seedling ended up surviving through the winter of 2013. It may or may not change color/form based on frost damage. - - 2017 new photo (bottom photo) and daylily looks nice. Still kinda weak grower, but crowded on both sides by more vigorous seedlings. Would like to move the seedling.

Seedling #2013-058
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