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I apologize to my past customers that I have not updated my web pages.   I will not go into a lot of detail as that would take too much reading.   Hopefully those still inquiring will find this page.

I have not removed my daylily or Iris web pages, though I have not updated them to inform customers that they cannot order.

My business is currently closed down.

I do have a lot of beautiful daylilies and daylily seedlings; but the weeds have taken control.

I have currently turned my efforts to a spirtual battle.   I believe the evil of the spiritual realm is currently being manifest in the worldly realm.   For more details, I hope you would visit my Facebook page at:
T's Flowers & Things @ Facebook
Please make sure to read my Story "A hidden deceptive agenda".

Here are other links I believe are important so that people can make a decision based on both sides of the argument.
Dr. Nick Begich Videos - who is very spiritual, yet so down-to-earth.   I love listening to this guy!
Banned Videos - the truth about YouTube, Facebook, Bill Gates, Fauci, and others.
Please also visit InfoWars - to hear the other side of mainstream news and media, who are bought off with money by the rich elite to only show one side of a matter.