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Iris germanica 038 Seedling German bearded Iris

** Iris 038 Seedling **
'038 Seedling'

Height: 36"
Bloom time: EM
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Average/Rich
Parents: Probably Afternoon Delight x In Living Color. This seedling has a story to tell. In maybe 2012, probably 2013, I began giving 'Raven Girl' as gift plants since it had multiplied so nicely (I thought). Come 2014, this seedling bloomed in 'Raven Girl' quarters. Because 'Afternoon Delight' borders 'Raven Girl', I thought it had moved into 'Raven Girl' quarters. Studying photos, that was answered as a NO, not same Iris. This seedling had vigorously increased. I often harvest seeds direct from pod in garden to coin envelope. My guess is, I probably dropped a seed while harvesting. Based on my pollination notes, I would have crossed 'Afternoon Delight' with 'In Living Color'. This is a very pretty and vigorous seedling liked by all the Farmer's Market customers.
Also, if you received what I thought was 'Raven Girl' as a gift plant, (because I hadn't sold any rhizomes of Raven Girl), and it didn't bloom properly, it's because it is this seedling not on purpose. I am glad for purple-base Iris foliage, which 'Raven Girl' has, so this seedling has now all been dug out of Raven Girl quarters.

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