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Iris germanica AMPLIFIED bearded Iris

** Iris Amplified **

2011 photo of Amplified
[Moved to a bit more fertile location and the color is much deeper and the ruffles more pronounced. This bloom (in 2011 photo) just opened, so the falls should lay down more within a few hours instead of being so flared.

Ghio 2000

Height: 30"-36"
Bloom time:
May-June in zone 5
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Average/Rich
Description: 36"; L-VL ; S. yellow orange, red infusion; F. bright yellow orange; beards red, white base. HM 2002.
Parents: 92-102Y4: ((Quito x (85-199L, Mogul sib, x 85-27bo, Bogota sib)) x Forbidden Fruit) X 93-109H3, Cordoba sib.

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