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Iris germanica FANCY WOMAN German bearded Iris

** Iris Fancy Woman **

'Fancy Woman'
K. Keppel '95

Height: 36"-38"
Bloom time:
May-June in zone 5
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Average/Rich
Description: 38" ; VE-EM ; S. french lilac (M&P 44-H-7) blended light lilac grey (42-B-2) edge and base; F. blended and washed roman purple (44-K-10) to french lilac, paler veining and narrow edge, white area beside beard; beards mikado orange (2-B-12), base white; sweet fragrance. HM 1997, AM 1999, Wister 2001.
Parents: 84-15C: ((((68-39F: (66-35C: ((Irma Melrose x Tea Apron) x ((Full Circle x Rococo) x Tea Apron)) x April Melody) x 68-39D) x 74-52A: ((Joy Ride x Roundup) x (April Melody x (66-35B x April Melody)))) x (Mistress x 75-98B, Peccadillo sib)) x (77-111Q, Gigolo sib, x 78-70A, Rosy Cloud sib)) X 85-15C: ((74-35D, Mistress sib, x Goddess) x (Goddess x (74-35C x 74-52A))).

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