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Iris germanica......... GO FOR BOLD German bearded Iris

** Iris Go For Bold **

'Go For Bold'
Black '01

Height: 26"
Bloom time:
May-June in zone 5
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Average/Rich
Description: BB, 26" ; EM ; S. light yellow, narrow blended tan edge; style arms light yellow; F. white, wide dark purple band streaking and blending into white; beards bright lemon yellow; lightly ruffled; slight spicy fragrance. HM 2003, AM 2005, Knowlton Medal 2007.
Parents: 91110C: (Sparkling Fountain x 8796B: (Spinning Wheel x Glitz 'n Glitter sib)) X sib 91110R.
Other: This Iris is kind of similar to how I see Starship Enterprise...it seems to stand out in the garden.

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