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Iris germanica MARCHING BAND German bearded Iris

** Iris Marching Band **

'Marching Band'
Joseph Ghio, R. 2005

Height: 34"-36"
Bloom time:
May-June in zone 5
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Average/Rich
Description: , 38" (97 cm), ML S. and F. orange, F. banded wide violet-orchid; beards tangerine. 99-144P: (Kiss of Kisses x Revere) X 99-33W: (97-41B2: (95-36D, Impulsive sib, x Dear Jean) x 97-36H3: (95-36C, Impulsive sib, x Dear Jean)). Bay View 2006. HM 2008.
Other: Something totally broke the stem off this Iris and I found the stem on the ground. I think while laying on the ground something chewed on it as you can see the bad spot on the falls. Then, although that was just the first bud to open, I left the bloom stem outside in a plastic coke bottle vase, and we got high winds and it blew it all over. So I probably won't be able to get a better photo until 2012. But from what I see, this is a very beautiful Iris with nice form.

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