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Lycoris squamigera
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Lycoris squamigera

Height: 24" to 36"
Bloom time: Summer
Common Names: Mystery lily, surprise lily, resurrection lily, naked lady, magic lily
Other: These never cease to amaze me at their rapid rate from emerging of the stem to bloom.   In the spring, the bulbs send up lush foliage which some might mistake for daylily foliage.   The foliage only lasts for a while then completely dies.   But don't worry, your bulbs are still alive.   About mid-summer the flowering stalks emerge. One day I will see just a couple stems thinking perhaps I have lost many bulbs, and then a couple days later I will look again and they will almost all have stems.   These stems must grow 8" to 12" a day.   Bad thing is is that the flowers don't last all that long either.   Of course there is a very nice flowering cluster atop each stem, but within a week and a half most flowers on the stem have bloomed and died.   The good news is is that these bulbs multiply nicely and before you know it, you'll have a nice clump perhaps sending up stems over a longer period of time, giving a longer blooming season.

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