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This page will be used for my local customers and Lafayette, Indiana farmer's market customers.

Lafayette, Indiana Farmer's Market
Pages coming soon listing the current vendors at the Farmer's Market and what they sell.
Lafayette Farmer's Market Website

Carroll County Garden Club, Carroll County, Indiana
Come join in the fun, friendship and learning! Click here to visit the Garden Club's web pages including monthly meeting dates and times.

Wreath Making Class
I had a good response from those who might be interested in taking a wreath making class. To organize this class, I would appreciate an e-mail or regular mail address from all those who are interested as I need at least 5 people to sign up for the class to make it worth offering. So if you are interested please send me your e-mail or regular address.
Click Below to Send Me an Email:

Your regular mail address may be sent to me at: T's Flowers & Things, P.O. Box 164, Delphi, IN 46923. Please make sure to indicate "interested in wreath making class".

The class would be held in Delphi, Indiana. Location directions would be e-mailed or sent once a class is organized.

Cost of the class would be $25.00. All supplies including the dried flowers are included in the cost. (However, if you are growing your own flowers, you may want to begin drying some to add to your project your own personal touch.) Wreath would be the heart wreath pictured on my website or a similar wreath in round form (soon to be pictured).

You will learn how to make your own heart-shaped or round wreath base covered with spanish moss. I will also answer some questions about harvesting and drying your own flowers. So if you are interested, please let me put you on a list.

I am still currently in the process of harvesting and drying flowers. With my plant business and preparing leftovers for the winter, I'm very busy. Therefore, I may not be able to hold the class until January or February, 2001. Once I get a class organized and held, these classes may become a regular thing.