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I NOW ONLY SHIP SEEDS TO THE UNITED STATES and CANADA.   I ONLY ACCEPT ONLINE OR MAIL ORDERS -- PLEASE NO PHONE ORDERS. -- FOR CANADIAN SEED ORDERS, THE ONLY PAYMENT OPTION IS MAILING A CANADIAN POSTAL MONEY ORDER IN U.S. FUNDS.   I ONLY SHIP PLANTS TO U.S., but not to California, Arizona, Alaska or Hawaii.  [ For current seed shipping charges, please see the link above, "Add Seed Shipping Charges".   ])

   1) Check or money order only, made payable to: Teresa Daly.   (Personal checks may/will delay shipment for two weeks for check to clear.   A $35 NSF fee will be charged for bad checks...because my bank charges me.)

   2) PAYPAL - please note that orders are shipped to the shipping address listed with PayPal without further notice to the customer.

(For seed orders being shipped to Canada, I only accept Postal Money Orders or US World Money Orders in US funds. Personal checks and any other type money orders are not accepted from Canadian customers.

There is now no mininum seed order.

There is no minimum plant order.

Because I must have several different shipping charges (one kind for seeds, one for plants, one for Iris, etc.) that this shopping cart does not allow for, you will have to manually add shipping to your order as though it were any other item.
Use this link to add seed shipping: Seed Shipping
Use this link to add plant shipping: Plant Shipping
Use this link to add Iris rhizome shipping:Iris Shipping - chart at top of page
Use this link to add Lily bulb and Bulb shipping: Lily Bulb and Bulb Shipping - chart at top of page

Daylily seeds and large seeds may get crushed in the postal machines. I suggest paying for insurance to insure your package. (I cannot insure shipments to Canada.) I DO NOT replace or refund for lost packages or crushed seeds. However, if you do choose to insure your package, I will not replace or refund lost packages or crushed seeds unless I receive full cooperation in making a claim with the postal service. This means that I will initiate the appropriate paperwork, and you must complete all necessary forms sent to you by the post office for making the claim. Once the proper paperwork has been completed by you and I am notified by my post office, at that time I will either replace or refund; replace if the same seeds are available, or refund if not.

This information is the same for plants. However, most perennials are generally fine even if crushed a bit in shipping. As with seeds, I do not replace lost shipments.

To 2008, I have had a report of one (1) package sent via Priority Mail not being delivered.   However, based on delivery confirmation, the post office indicated delivery, so error according to customer was the mail carrier error.   In 9 years I have been shipping seeds, I have had four (4) lost 1st class pieces of mail (a fifth one reported but then showing up 3-4 weeks later) and three (3) customers reporting crushed seeds.

When using the shopping cart, you can proceed in two different ways for sending your payment through the mail. You can fill in your shopping cart (see instructions below) and go through the checkout process using the link for "mail payment", and we will both receive a copy of your order via email. (This method is very nice for those of you who do not have a printer.) Or, if you prefer not to complete the checkout process, being unsure about giving your address information via email, then if you have a printer, you can print out the completed shopping cart page (not proceeding through the checkout process) and mail the copy along with your payment to me at the address listed on the form. However, if you choose this method, make sure to manually write in your shipping address and email address (for any questions about your order or about substitutions if necessary) on the form before mailing it to me.
Or,U.S. customers may use the old style form to print out, fill in and mail your order if you like.
Use this link to take you to the old style seed order form: SEED ORDER FORM
Use this link to take you to the old style plant order form: PLANT ORDER FORM

To place items in the shopping cart, you will need to select (click on it with your mouse) the box beside the items of your choice. There are three (3) buttons on the page to add the items to your shopping cart. One is at the end of the perennials/biennials section; one is at the end of the annuals section; and the last one is after the herbs/vegetables section. The Daylily Seed page is also now up and running, but there is only one button at the very bottom of the daylily seed page to add the items to your cart.

You will need to select ALL of your perennials/biennials choices at once and then click on the button to add the items to your cart. You will then need to come back and select all your annuals choices and then click on the button to add the items to your cart. And lastly you would need to come back and select any herbs/vegetables choices and click on the button to add the items to your cart. If you find that you missed some choices in a section that you have already selected and added items to your cart, then you will need to deselect those items already submitted before submitting new items in that section, otherwise you will duplicate your first selections. (Note: Even if you duplicate items in your cart, they are easily deleted.)

If you want more than one packet of a certain variety of seeds, this can easily be done at your shopping cart by changing the number of items in the checkbox and clicking the [Modify Cart] button and it will update your shopping cart.

The checkout process is easy. Complete the required information (name, address, your email, a password, etc.) and it will bring you to a page where you can either choose Credit Card payment or you can mail your payment -- the ONLY METHOD AVAILABLE is "MAIL PAYMENT", even though as of 8/8/13 the other option will work shopping cart wise (until a time when I can get it fixed).

The shopping cart will generate an invoice sent through email to both you the customer, and myself. -- Your email copy will have my mailing address to send payment. (You can save your copy in your email files.) Therefore, if you don't have a printer, there is no need to send a copy of the order. If you don't have a printer, just make sure to reference the invoice number on your check or money order. If you do have a printer, I suggest you print the order form as recommended and send a copy to me along with your payment. Please make sure to make all checks or money orders payable to: Teresa Daly.