For the most part, I do not have a long term plant guarantee. There are causes that can kill even a healthy plant over the winter. There are also a few plants that can be fussy about transplant, and then there are some that will appear to die upon transplant but will resume growth from the roots.

If you are not pleased with your plants upon arrival, please return them at that point, within 3-5 days of receipt, and I will refund the price of the plant(s). Based on how my wholesale suppliers handle refund of plants dead upon arrival (or plants that die shortly thereafter) due to shipping causes, I do not refund shipping costs. However, if plants are not dead upon arrival, but you are just not satisfied with them, and all are returned, then all shipping paid would be refunded. I also cover (pay to you) the cost of the shipping to return the plants to me. I do not send replacement plants, but will only make refunds upon receipt of the returned plants, or if your plants were dead upon arrival. (Plants shipped as "clearance" plants, may not be returned.) Also, I ask that you please email a photo of any plants that are in an unsatisfactory condition upon arrival, or that appear to be dead.(Thank you.)

Also, I do not guarantee the plant hardiness zone listed. However, I do my very best to get them correct and if I find that a plant truly isn't hardy to the zone I have listed, I change it as soon as possible. I get my hardiness zones for my plants generally from my wholesale supplier, or from other online databases.

I am trying to keep the price of my plants at the very lowest. If I were to have a better plant guarantee, then I would have to increase my prices substantially.

--IRIS -or- Daylilies -- Based on the fact that these particular plants can sometimes take two (2) years to bloom from the time planted; if you happen to received a mis-labeled Iris (Daylilies not very likely, but only a very slight possibility), please email a photo (required) of the mis-labeled plant.   A check refund (no replacements) will be made when the mis-labeled plant is identified; or at customer choice, a credit on account may be given for a future order.

Thanks to you, all my wonderful customers, for your understanding!

Teresa Daly