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Anaphalis - Pearly Everlasting.......PLANTS.......Anaphalis - Pearly Everlasting

Flower Color: White
Height: 12" to 18"
Light: Full Sun (or Light Shade)
Zone: 4-8
Water: Average / Dry
Soil: Average / Poor
Other info: Attracts Painted Lady butterflies. If you see a mass of web on your plants....it's Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars. This is also an excellent flower for drying. [If you are wanting plant specific, I do not know. I started the plants I currently have from seeds from a swap 12-15 years ago. The plants that I sell are dug and potted from my garden plants. I do not know if they are hybrid or species. I do know they are very attractive to the Painted Lady butterflies, because every year the caterpillars make a terrible mess of my plants.

Pearly Everlasting
** Pearly Everlasting Flowers **

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