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Eupatorium maculatum?.......PLANTS.......Joe Pye Weed

Flower Color: Dusty Lavender
Height: 48" to 72"
Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Zone: 5-9
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich, well drained
Maintenance: Low
Other info: Easy plant. - NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that Eupatorium purpureum has green stems with only purple on the stems at the leaf nodes. It was also indicated that purpureum has 4 to 6 florets. Therefore, it is most likely that based on description, what I grow is maculatum, or spotted Joe Pye Weed. After discussing this matter with a friend who uses what we believe to be Eupatorium purpureum in her flower bouquets, which grows wild in the side ditches near her, I/we (me and her) believe that what I grow and sell is *more showy*, whatever the true nomenclature may be.

Joe Pye Weed
** Joe Pye Weed flowers **

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