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Common Names:Japanese Iris
Flower Color: Mixed: White, Purple, Lavender
Height: 24" to 36"
Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Zone: 5-8
Water: Wet to Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Maintenance: Low
Other info:

Iris ensata (Japanese)
** Japanese Iris **

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Plants will be dug and shipped as bare root divisions from mature seedlings, either the one pictured above, or possibly any of those pictured in the link, but they are not in any order, nor have I mapped them out or tagged them, so it would be unknown which one you would get. If you happen to order more than one, then I try to dig from separate clumps.

ALL PLANTS (with the exception of lisianthus), MUST NOW BE ORDERED FROM THE MAIN PLANT PAGE BASED ON MY WORK LOAD (updating hundreds of web pages): http://www.tsflowers.com/plants.html


See Main Plant Page for pot/plant size, and other possible notes.

Informational/Photo Links:
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