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Mariachi 'Carmine' Lisianthus.......PLANTS.......Lisianthus Mariachi 'Carmine'

Names/Common Names: Eustoma grandiflora, Texas Rose, Prairie Gentian
Type: Perennial grown as annual
Flower Color: Pink
Height: 24" to 30"
Light: Full sun
Soil: Average/Rich
Other info: Should bloom in 8-10 weeks from planting. May require staking. An excellent cut flower, very long lasting (and beautiful) in the vase! Mariachi 'Carmine' is one of my favorites now, so it is likely I will have it available every year if possible.

'Arena RED' (double flower)
(Texas Rose)
** Carmine pink double flower Lisianthus **
Photo is 'Mariachi Carmine', however, this year I will be trying 'Arena RED'. My guess is that it is very similar.

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Click HERE to see the size of the lisianthus seedlings. However, some information on the page may be outdated.

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