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--Seeds being sold are for use within the year of purchase; with the exception of the months of November and December.

--Seed packets may not be returned for refund.

--Seeds are guaranteed to germinate if seed packet instructions are followed.   If seeds of a variety do not germinate, please notify me immediately.   If it is commercial seeds, I will want to test germinate right away.   I date commercial seeds when I receive them, and keep and sell them for up to one year (if not sold out).   This could pose a problem if the supplier has already had the seeds for a length of time.   If I feel the seeds were close to the one-year date of purchase, I will immediately make the refund.   However, if I feel the seeds should have been fresh based on when I received them; I will want to test germinate before making the refund.   If they germinate for me, then I will be under the impression that the seeds were somehow mishandled in the germination process; and I would thereby not be responsible for refund or credit.   [Thank you...and please keep in mind that these are not high dollar requiring a better guarantee]   I feel you really should not have a problem germinating seeds that are my harvest, since I do my best to keep the supply fresh from year-to-year; but if you do, please notify me and we will discuss the matter.

--If seeds are found not to germinate, my policy is to refund on that packet of seeds.   I do not replace seed packets.     If check or money order was made in payment of the order, I will refund a check.   If you prefer a credit on account against another order, that is okay as well.

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