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Hybrid Clematis Seeds...Seed from mixed Clematis

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Common Names: Clematis
Height: unknown
Flower color: unknown
Bloom time: unknown
Light: Full sun or part shade
Zone: probably 4-9
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Maintenance: pruning unknown
Other info: 2007. This year I think the seeds were harvested from more of the single flower varieties from open pollination because I didn't have time to do any hand pollination.

Seeds from clematis hybrids
** Hybrid Clematis Seeds **

SOLD OUT - only small harvest this year.
Germination: Slightly difficult. Sow seed in late winter. Sow seed on good seed starting mix, covering seed very lightly leaving portions of seed exposed as light will aid germination. Place container inside sandwich baggie to retain moisture and place container in refrigerator for 3-4 weeks. Remove container and place in cool 60-65?F location. Seed should begin germinating in 10-30 days. Alternatively, sow seeds in late autumn/early winter in large container on good seed starting mix, covering lightly with mix. Place container in sheltered location, preferably on the north side of a house or building where it won't be exposed to direct heat of the sun. Bring container indoors in spring for germination, or leave outdoors and begin checking for germination as the weather warms.
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