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Common Names:
Height: 18" to 24"
Spread: 4" to 8"
Flower color: Blue-Purple
Bloom time: Spring
Light: Full sun to Light Shade
Zone: 5-8
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Maintenance: Low
Other info: This is actually a bulb. Wirey stems with ball shapes cluster of flowers. Nice green foliage.

** Dichelostemma congesta **

#0122 Dichelostemma congesta:
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Germination: Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks prior to last spring frost. Sow seed in container on good seed starting mix covering seeds lightly. Moisten mix. Place container in location at 68-70°F and keep mix moist. Germination should begin in 20-30 days. If no germination at 68-70°F, then move container to the refrigerator for 14-20 days and then back to 68-70°F.

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