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Eryngium planum Seeds...Seed from Sea Holly

Common Names: Sea Holly
Height: 18" to 24"
Spread: 8" to 10"
Flower color: Blue
Bloom time: Summer
Light: Full sun
Zone: 5-9
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich, well drained
Maintenance: Remove spent flowering stalks.
Other info:Sea Holly flowers are nice in cut flower bouquets, but can be a little prickly, and I personally do not like to handle them.

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Sea Holly
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Germination: Fairly easy. Start indoors 8-10 weeks prior to last spring frost. Sow seed in between layers of moist paper towels. Place paper towel in sandwich baggie. Place baggie in refrigerator for 8 weeks. Remove seed from refrigerator to a location at 68-70°F. Germination should begin in 10-12 days. As seed forms a root, pot up to individual containers.

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