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Height: 48" to 60"
Spread: 14"
Flower color: Veined purple-black with lighter colored edges
Bloom time: Summer
Light: Full sun
Zone: 3-8
Water: Average / Low
Soil: Poor to Average
Maintenance: Low
Other info: Plants will bloom the first year from seed started early. Plants act as perennial but may be short lived. They self sow, but minimally. So after two years of bloom, you may want to save seeds for future planting. - - 2015 - finally got a couple plants put in the ground to test and see what they are really like. - A bit disappointed that there was little doubling of the flowers. - Mostly single flowers; though I do like the coloring very well.

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ALCEA rosea

'Creme de Cassis'
** creme de cassis hollyhock flower **

Germination: Easy germination. Start seed indoors in spring. Sow seeds on good seed starting mix, covering seeds with about 1/4" mix. Moisten mix and keep moist until germination begins. Place container in location at 68-70°F. Seed should begin germinating in 7-10 days.

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