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Perovskia atriplicifolia Seeds...Seed from Russian Sage

Common Names: Russian Sage
Height: 30" to 48"
Spread: 30" to 36"
Flower color: Lavender-Blue
Bloom time: Summer
Light: Full sun
Zone: 5-9
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Maintenance: Cut plants back to 12" in early spring. (In warmer zones, cut back in late autumn.)
Other info: Plants take 3-4 years to reach maturity from seed. In colder zones, mulch seedling plants heavily for winter. Once established, they appear to be very cold hardy to zone 5.

PEROVSKIA atriplicifolia
Russian Sage
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SOLD OUT FOR 2018. - Hope to have back in stock by end of December, 2018
Germination: Slightly difficult. Start seed in late winter to early spring. Freeze seed packet for 7 days prior to sowing. Sow seed on surface of good seed starting mix which you have premoistened - do not cover seeds with mix. Gently press seeds into mix. Place container inside sandwich to retain moisture. Place container in a cold/cool sheltered location such as an unheated garage or patio in late winter or early spring. Start checking for germination in 45 days. Remove baggie gradually once germination begins. (Seems to germinate best with fluctuating outdoor temperatures.)

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