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Salvia lyrata 'Purple Volcano' Seeds...Seed from 'Purple Volcano' Sage

Common Names:
Height: 12" to 18"
Spread: 12" to 14"
Flower color: Purple-blue
Bloom time: Spring/Summer
Light: Full sun
Zone: 4-9
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich, well drained
Maintenance: For best results, fertilize regularly.
Other info: Will bloom first year from seed sown early. Remove spent blooms for additional bloom.

SALVIA lyrata
'Purple' Volcano'
** Salvia Purple Volcano plant **
This is a 6 month old plant started from seed in March and planted in ground in May. Should be much larger next year.
#0728 Salvia lyrata 'Purple Volcano' seeds:
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Germination: Easy germination. Refrigerate seed packet 7 days prior to sowing. Start 6-8 weeks prior to last spring frost. Sow seeds on good seed starting mix, gently pressing seeds into mix. Barely cover seeds with mix as light aids germination. Moisten mix and keep moist until germination begins. Place container in location at 68-70°F. Seed should begin germinating in 7-12 days.

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