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Shasta daisy 'May Queen' Seeds...Seed from Leucanthemum maximum...Chrysanthemum maximum 'Alaska'

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Common Names: Shasta Daisy
Height: 24" to 30"
Flower color: White w/yellow center
Bloom time: Spring
Light: Full sun or light shade
Zone: 5-9
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Maintenance: Low
Other info: My preference for the white shasta daisies is this variety.   I like it because it blooms early and makes great little bunches of cut flowers that customers love.   It also seems to be a more hardy perennial type that 'Alaska' which seems to die out easier. - - photo is of Alaska, but they look pretty much the same.

Shasta Daisy 'May Queen'
** Shasta Daisy Alaska flower photo **

#0090A Shasta Daisy 'May Queen':
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Germination: Easy germination. Start indoors 4-6 weeks prior to last spring frost. Sow seed in container on good seed starting mix. Cover seeds, but very lightly as light seems to aid in germination. Moisten mix and keep mix moist until germination begins. Place in location at 68-70°F. Germination should begin in 4-10 days. Seed may also be direct sown to garden as soon as possible after last spring frost.

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