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Silverlace Vine Seeds...Polygonum aubertii...Seed from Silverlace Vine

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Common name(s): Silver Lace Vine; Silverlace Vine
Height: Vine
Spread: Easily covers a fence 10' to 12' wide
Flower color: White
Bloom time: Late Summer
Light: Sun
Zone: 5-8
Water: Average
Soil: Average
Maintenance: Low
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Silverlace Vine
** Silver lace Vine flowers **

Germination: Slightly Difficult. Seeds may be winter sown; or sow seeds in container on good seed starting mix. Cover seeds lightly with mix. Place aluminum foil over container to create darkness as darkness aids germination. Place seeds (container) in refrigerator for 12 weeks. Seeds may begin germinating in refrigerator or shortly after/upon move to warm location.

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