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Phlox paniculata Seeds...Seed from Garden Phlox...Hybrid Phlox Seeds

Common Names: Phlox
Height: 18" to 30"
Spread: 12"
Flower color: Probably pink or lavender
Bloom time: Summer
Light: Full sun
Zone: 4-8
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich, well drained
Maintenance: Fertilize regularly, remove spent bloom stalks.
Other info: The seeds were harvested from the new shorter variety hybrid paniculata plants 'Little Boy' and 'Little Princess' pictures. A very small perecentage of the seeds were harvested from 'Nora Leigh phlox.

** Phlox paniculata hybrids **

Germination: Slightly difficult, but actually seeds germinate easily but the process is long. Best started indoors 6-8 weeks prior to last spring frost. Sow seed in between layers of moist paper towels. Place paper towel in sandwich baggie. Place baggie in refrigerator for 8 weeks. Remove seed from refrigerator to a location where temperatures fluctuate (in a garage). Germination should begin as weather warms. Check for germination often. As seed forms a root, pot up to individual containers. ALTERNATIVELY, sow in container in good potting mix covering seeds approximately 1/2" with mix. Place container outdoors in a sheltered locating while freezes still occur. Keep mix moist by placing inside a baggie or water once a week as needed. Check for germination when weather warms.

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