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Upright Verbena Seeds...Seed from Verbena stricta

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Common Names: Hoary Vervain
Height: 18" to 24"
Spread: 12" to 16"
Flower color: Purple
Bloom time: Summer-Fall
Light: Full sun to Part Shade
Zone: 4-8
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Maintenance: Low
Other info: 2010 was first year for me growing this variety plant.   I really like them.   I grew three hastata plants, but only one stricta plant.   After growing them, I had kind of wished it were the other way around, prefering this plant (stricta) over (hastata).   Both varieties in my opinion look the same with the exception of the flower size and leaf size, and potential plant height.   This plant bloomed over an extremely long period of time as the flowers just kept opening upward on the flowering shoots.   Because this was my first year growing them and I wanted a seed harvest, I did not try them as cut flowers.   But they look like they will make a nice addition to a bouquet, so hopefully I will see how they do next year.   Stricta has the larger flowers and leaves, and stricta is my preference of the two plants.   Every time I tried to get a photo, it was an extremely windy day, and I was just unable to get a good photo.

Verbena stricta
(Upright Verbena)
** Verbena stricta flowers **

#0923B Verbena stricta:
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Germination: Seeds are best sown direct to flower bed or garden location in the autumn; or winter sown. To winter sow, preferably use a gallon size container filled with good seed starting mix. Sow seeds on surface of the mix and cover seeds lightly with mix. Water thoroughly. Then place container in a sheltered location preferably out of direct sun but with access to rains, in autumn or through late winter. Or sow in cold frame in autumn through late winter.   If you would like to sow indoors, cold-moist stratify seeds in the refrigerator for at least 4 weeks, and then move to 70°F for germination.

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