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Briza maxima seeds...................Seed from large quaking grass

Common Names: Quaking grass, Hare's-tail grass, Hair grass
Type: Annual Grass
Height: 18"
Bloom time: Summer/Fall
Light: Full Sun
Zone: N/A
Water: Moderate
Soil: Average
Other info: Makes a nice addition to the floral bouquet. Seed clusters resemble rattlesnake rattles.   Current photo is of immature seed heads.

BRIZA maxima
Quaking Grass
** briza maxima seed heads **

Germination: Place seed packet in the refrigerator for 5 days prior to sowing. Then soak seeds for 3 days in warm water.

The above germination method was that of the commercial supplier.   I'm in growing zone 5, and I sowed my seeds direct to garden location the first of May and they germinated at a very high rate.

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