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Type: Annual
Common Names: Tabby Cat
Height: 6" to 24"
Spread: --
Color: Variegated green/white
Bloom time: N/A
Light: Full Sun
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Other info: I only grow Cat Grass in containers for indoor use for my cats. Based on lack of appropriate lighting, the grass only lasts about 2 weeks after placing the container on the floor for cat consumption. -- 12/2014 - The cats like the variegated Cat Grass, but what I found is that is doesn't have as massive a root system as the other grasses which can be grown for cat consumption, and therefore when shoots were young and tender at only 3" or 4", the cats tended to pull out pieces from the container when eating. - Make sure the potting soil is pressed into container very firmly.

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Hordeum vulgare variegata
'Cat Grass Tabby'
** Cat Grass Tabby Grass **
Cats already chewed before I remembered to take photo.

#1128.CAT GRASS - Hordeum vulgare variegata, Cat Grass Tabby:
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Germination: Easy germination. Sow in small container, covering seeds with mix and water well. Place container on windowsill for germination. Germination should begin in 7-10 days. Move to location where cats may consume when grass is approximately 2" high.

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