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Dianthus Velvet & Lace Seeds.....Seeds of Dianthus Velvet n' Lace...a/k/a Black & White Minstrels

Common Names: China pinks
Height: 8" to 10"
Spread: 12"
Flower color: Bi-color reddish-black and white
Bloom time: Mid-Summer
Light: Full sun
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Maintenance: Low
Other info: Easy to grow. Although this is listed in the annuals section on the main seed page, I really think it is a short-lived perennial or only hardy to zone 6. I originally grew this variety several years ago when seed was offered by Park Seed. My plants grew and bloomed very sparsely the first year, but then wintered over in zone 5 and bloomed much better the second year although they were soon smothered out by other larger perennials and I lost the plants. I really liked the flowers and decided to plant again. I started my plants in summer this year (2003) so I got no bloom. I'll see if they winter over as they are now in a much more exposed location than they were when I first grew them.

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Velvet & Lace
** Dianthus Velvet and Lace **

#1170 Dianthus 'Velvet & Lace':
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Germination: Easy germination. Best started indoors 2-4 weeks prior to your last last spring frost. Surface sow on good seed starting mix at 70°F. Cover seed lightly with mix. Moisten mix and keep mix moist until germination begins. Seed should begin germinating in 2-10 days.

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