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GILIA capitata seeds..........Seeds from Blue Globe GILIA.......Ipomopsis elegans seeds

Flower Color: Blue
Common Names: Blue Globe Flower, Thimble Flower
Type: Annual
Height: 24"
Bloom time: Spring/Summer
Light: Full Sun
Zone: N/A
Water: Average
Soil: Average
Other info: Nice cut flower. I fell in love with these little flowers this past year, 2008. I direct sowed the seeds and the plants came up and grew quickly with a mass of blue blooms. Most impressive was that either some seeds were *very* late germinating, or otherwise they self-sowed and I had fall blooms as well. In my opinion, very well worth growing. Will be interesting to see if they have re-seeded for plants this coming spring.

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GILIA capitata
(Ipomopsis elegans)
** Gilia **

Gilia Clump Photo

Germination: Sow direct to garden location in late spring. Or for earlier blooms sow indoors on good seed starting mix. Do not cover seeds as light is required for germination. Place container in location at 70°F. Seeds should begin germinating in 14-16 days.

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