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Lisianthus Seeds...Eustoma grandiflora seeds...Seed from Texas Rose

Type: Annual
Common Names: Texas Rose
Height: 24" to 30"
Spread: plant 3" to 4" apart
Flower color: White
Bloom time: Late Summer
Light: Full sun
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Other info: This is an excellent cut flower lasting many days in the vase. For best results, fertilize plants regularly. Plants do well grown in containers.

Texas Rose
** White Lisianthus Double **
This is a photo of Avila White, but I am sure that Echo series is very similar as it is also a double flower variety.

#1301f Lisianthus - ECHO series 'White' seeds:
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Germination: Slightly difficult germination. If in zone 4,5,6,7?, start indoors very early in late winter (January/February) for blooms by August. (Calculate 30-36 weeks from seed to bloom.) Sow seed in container on surface of good seed starting mix. Do not cover seeds with mix. Moisten mix and place container inside sandwich baggie to retain moisture. Place container in a very warm location at 75°F to 80°F. (I found that using a heating mat increased germination.) Germination should begin in 10-30 days. Gradually remove sandwich baggie when germination begins. Seedlings are very small and grow slowly at first. [For the colder zones, you will need indoor grow lights to grow lisianthus.]

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