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Peony Poppy Seeds...Papaver paeoniflorum Seed...Peony Poppies

Type: Annual
Common Names: Poppy
Height: 18" to 30"
Flower color: Red-Black
Bloom time: Spring/Summer
Light: Full sun
Water: Average
Soil: Average
Other info: Forms a very nice seed head for drying.

PAPAVER paeoniflorum
Peony Poppies
** red-black Peony Poppy **

SOLD OUT. - - Will not be available for 2016.
Germination: Best seeded outdoors. My experience: In growing zone 5, I tried sowing in late October. We got a warm spell and the seeds germinated and came up. Then the seedlings froze, and I saw no more poppies grow in that row in the spring or thereafter. I then sowed seeds in March. This seemed to be the best time to sow. The seeds germinated, grew and flowered wonderfully. I also sowed some seeds in May and we got some very hot dry weather for May this year (2007). A few of those seeds germinated and grew and just finished blooming. (Because these poppies naturally self-sow, I am of the opinion from reading Deno's book on seed germination theory and success, that although the poppy seed would naturally fall to the ground in late July to August, that it must have some mechanism to keep it from germinating until spring, because based on my experience, if all the seeds germinated in the cool of fall after sowing, the seedlings would be lost to freeze.) My suggestion: Direct sow to garden location at least two (2) weeks prior to last spring frost. Needs cool temperatures to germinate best!

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