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Sunflower Seeds for Growing Sunflowers

Type: Annual
Common Names: Sunflowers
Height: 48" to 72"
Spread: 12" to 36"
Flower color: Mix of yellow, deep burgundy, bi-color, with single and semi-double.
Bloom time: Summer
Light: Full sun
Water: Average
Soil: Average
Other info: An excellent fresh cut flower. Will certainly attract birds to your garden. Some of the nicest sunflowers, the bird have sown for me around the garden. With the birds though, it is also difficult to harvest seeds as they tend to eat them as soon as they are close to ready for harvest.

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Not Available for the 2015 season.
Germination: Seeds are best sown direct to the garden location after the last spring frost. Sow seeds 6" to 8" apart and approximately 1" deep.

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