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Tithonia 'Fiesta del Sol' Seeds...Seed from Mexican sunflower

Type: Annual
Common Names: Mexican Sunflower
Height: 24" to 30"
Spread: 24" to 30"
Flower color: Orange
Bloom time: Summer to frost
Light: Full sun
Water: Average
Soil: Average to Rich
Other info: Makes a very nice cut flower. This seems to be a favorite of Monarch butterflies, but also loved by the other butterflies.
I finally got 3 of these planted.   However, they were not treated real well after they began their growth.   The 3 little seedlings that I started in a small 3-cell pack was placed outside in May in a tray along with other seedlings, but the tray had no drain holes as I was too busy to transfer trays as I usually do.   So the seedlings ended up sitting in water two or three times.   Then weather turned extremely hot and dry.   Based on these conditions, the plants were poor specimens when planted in ground the first of June.   Then with more hot dry weather, they struggled.   Finally they have just now started to bloom.   But the blooms are very sparce, and the plants have only reached a height of 14" to 16".   So perhaps because of the stunting of the plants to start with, these will not bloom as well or reach their true height.   Can only hope to save seeds so that I would have enough seeds to direct sow plants as versus starting with seedling.   Seeds have just been so expensive that direct sowing didn't seem feasible.

'Fiesta del Sol'
** Tithonia Fiesta del Sol **

#1781 Tithonia 'Fiesta del Sol':
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Germination: Easy germination. Start indoors 2-4 weeks prior to last spring frost. Sow seed in container on good seed starting mix. Cover seeds lightly. Moisten mix and keep mix moist until germination begins. Place container in a location at 70°F. Germination should begin in 6-10 days. May also be sown direct to garden location after last spring frost.

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